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Angelos     a literary fantasy.

ISBN: 1-933353-60-0. Available now!

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Angelos, the second book in the series about the quantum cat.

The cat is back! And once again heís keeping a protective eye on his old friend, Brother Jerome -- the late Brother Jerome, that is. When Leo, his pet cat, showed up in the afterworld, Jerome assumed he was there because he'd died. But Leo's real name is Quantum, and quantum cats donít dieÖ

A rockfall in the Minotaur's labyrinth sets off a quantum leap. The Minotaur finds himself in a garden shed in the twenty-first century, and Jerome finds himself in a maze of corridors in the "old" world, although, with "the time thing", it isn't the old world any more.

Meantime, in the friary, the Guardian, Father Aidan, is having a crisis of faith, and his friars are suffering. Until one day he sees the divine light shining for him once more, and we see the cat in his true form -- a seraph, the angelos of the title.

As with Jerome and the Seraph, paintings feature in the plot of Angelos. Aidan, lost in a spiritual desert, finds that a goat and an ibex and a ray of sunlight in a Pre-Raphaelite painting guide him back to the path he'd lost sight of and despaired of ever seeing again. And that path leads to one of the twentieth century's most striking images -- Dali's Christ of St John of the Cross.



"Quant, the magical cat that leaps through various worlds and dimensions is back again and in action. In Angelos, the sequel to Jerome and the Seraph, Robina Williams weaves her own storytelling magic and Quant rises to the occasion. This is a fantasy ebook and written so superbly that you become totally engrossed in the tale and forget it's fantasy.

"...I loved Angelos as much as Jerome and the Seraph and if you like reading fantasy I'm sure you'll love it too. I highly recommend this ebook and give it a top rating of 10!"

Reviewed by Dallas Hodder Franklin for Sell Writing Online.
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"In Angelos, the sequel to Jerome and the Seraph, we meet the quantum cat again. When this cat is around, nothing is quite what it seems. Leo, the friary cat who can dance through dimensions is still keeping a protective eye on his friend, Brother Jerome. Jerome is still finding the novelty of the afterlife intriguing. Until a rock fall in the Minotaurís labyrinth sets off a quantum leap.

...At the conclusion of Angelos, Jerome is joined by a companion on the other side. Quant convinces Jerome the Minotaur is not a monster-just a different shape. Shapes mean nothing. Itís what is in the heart that matters. And this story is full of heart. If you enjoyed Robina Williams's first book you will enjoy this sequel so much more-as I did. Angelos is filled with humor and wisdom."

Reviewed by award winning author Tricia McGill
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Blending elements of mysticism, mythology, quantum theory and art history, it is a tale like no other. The star of the show is of course, Quant, but the Minotaur comes a close second. For this Minotaur is no monster, out to eat everyone in sight, but normally a vegetarian who enjoys reading books and drinking wine, rather than having to eat the Athenian youths sent to him as tribute (they tend to get stuck in the teeth.)

Ms. Williams is an excellent story teller, for although short, this is a very imaginative tale, filled with memorable characters that stand out in your mind. If you are looking for something a bit different, then give Angelos a try.

A book to make you think."

Reviewed by Annette Gisby, author of Drowning Rapunzel and Shadows of the Rose for Twisted Tales.
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